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New September dates are posted.

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ProServe Bartending
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Welcome to ProServe Bartending,  Utah's premiere bartender training program.

If you are interested in learning the skill of bartending,  ProServe Bartending is your best place to begin your journey.  From setting up your bar,  to choosing proper glassware, 

all the basics are covered.  From there, the road to becoming a craft bartender begins. 

 Fresh juices, simple syrups, egg whites and bubbles are covered.  After that, it's craft beer and Wine.

All the basic skills are covered in a real bar environment.  Whether it's shaken or stirred,  neat or will know the booze, the ice, the glass and the recipe.

Classes are 6 hours long, over 2 Saturdays and are forming now!  


ProServe Bartending is dedicated to improving alcohol service by providing the foundation which all bartenders require. 

Professional.  Consistent. Quality. Service.

      Bar Set-Up:

  The tools of our trade.  


  What do we have?

Beer and Wine Tasting

Cocktail Construction

June Class dates coming soon.


 Sign up today.


Call 435-513-6006 to sign up today.

Our next day class is on Wednesday,  May 24

from 11-2.  


Classes are limited to 6 students, so please sign up today!

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